Dairy Free Ice Cream at Vanilla Joes


Vegans and lactose intolerants of ayrshire: I have wonderful news. I’m sure you’ve all had just enough of everybody shouting about Vanilla Joes in Irvine. I’m sure you have heard many of your annoying dairy consuming friends telling you how amazing the ice cream bar is while you cry your calcium free tears. You might’ve even tried some of the ice-cream after ditching you vegan status for the day or deciding that the performance of your digestive system could survive one little ice cream cone… Fear no more, Vanilla Joes sells dairy-free ice cream.

On a walk through Irvine on a sunny day, I walked past the ice cream parlour, now infamous in Ayrshire and sighed to myself. Frankly, milk freaks me out, I’ve watched way too many videos that’ve almost turned me vegan and I’m still unsure of my lactose intolerant status. I looked at the sun and thought ‘one little scoop can’t hurt’ and as i walked in I saw a sign. ‘Dairy free chocolate’ stuck into a huge tub of beautiful brown, chocolatey ice cream.

I got to the front of the queue and ordered. I didn’t have high hopes. The vast majority of dairy-free products that I have tried have been okay but nothing that made me want to throw all of my real dairy-products in the bin. This time was different. The ice cream was very chocolatey, it had a really creamy taste (usually i find dairy free tastes almost watery) and it was possibly one of the best chocolate ice creams I’ve ever had!

I said I didn’t want to review Vanilla Joes because it’s been done, everyone in Ayrshire already knows about it but I just had to tell the world about this ice cream! It’s so hard to find good dairy alternatives without making them yourself. I think that Vanilla Joes having a dairy free option that tastes so close to the original chocolate flavour ice cream is fantastic. It makes life that little bit easier if you can’t tolerate dairy or just wish to not ingest it for moral reasons.

You can enjoy an ice cream in the sunnier months of Scottish weather while saving your stomach or keeping your moral compass in place and I think it’s definitely worth a try. Even if you’re just your regular every day dairy drinker, check out Vanilla Joes, it has about 400 flavours that all sound amazing. I mean kinder egg ice cream? How could you say no?!



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